Lowcountry Alcoholics Anonymous

Districts 60 & 61 of Area 62, South Carolina

Upcoming Changes to This Website

As previously announced, LowCountry Intergroup has disbanded.  This website is being revised to reflect that it is no longer a function of LowCountry Intergroup but is managed as an information source for Districts 60 and 61.

The name of the page has been changed to reflect this and it is anticipated that the domain name will be changed in the next month to LowCountryAA.org

Please note that the meeting schedule on this website will continue to be maintained as the data source for the meeting.  Please send any changes to meeting dates, times, formats, locations or names to:  [email protected]

New (Reactivated) Meeting in Hampton

The Hampton Group has reopened in Hampton, SC.  They will meet Tuesday and Thursday nights at 7 p.m.  The first meeting was held February 1st and this will be an open discussion meeting.

The location is the All Saints Episcopal Church at 511 Jackson Avenue E, Hampton, SC 29924.  The meeting will be held in the small building in front of the church, next to Tuten’s Fresh Market.  Parking is available behind the church.

Please support this meeting and help it grow.

GSO Member & Customer Service Department

New G.S.O. Member and Customer Service Department

In the Fall 2021 Box 4-5-9, GSO announced the implementation of the new G.S.O. Member and Customer Service Department.  Callers to this dedicated phone number will now get their questions and issues resolved by the service representative answering the phone, rather than being transferred to a different department.  This should make the process “speedier, easier, streamlined”.

Member and Customer Service Phone Number:  212-870-3023

Member and Customer Service Email:  [email protected]

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